Joe & Co x Sanders Boot Collaboration

My latest collaborations can best be described as a consonance of style and sustenance.

Joe & Co bring the style accents, and Sanders the Bootmakers bring their robust design features to our British Made Boot Collection.

Sanders and Sanders, have an esteemed history in the British Shoe Industry. Established in 1873 by Brothers William and Thomas Sanders of Rushden, in Northamptonshire. Which is consider the home of the British shoemaking industry. You might be aware of our other collaboration with Gola, they too we're originally based in Northampton.

Sanders & Sanders original Northampton Shoe factory

Like most of Northampton Shoemakers who were established in the 1800's, the early years saw them producing boots for the war effort. Today, Sanders are combining innovation with traditional handmade Boot making techniques.

These qualities meant they were a definite "shoo in" (pun intended) for producing our British Made Boot Collection.

The collaboration includes two different boot styles; the Derby Toe Boot and the Brogue Boot, both are available in suede,

For the Brogue Boot, I have used a standard suede. This type of suede has a slight grain design and the surface is slightly irregular. These aesthetics  compliment the Brogue design more so, than perhaps a wax suede would, which is what I have used for the Derby Cap Toe.

I wanted to create a Brogue style boot, because I like, really like the "stylish and dresser" style of the design, and its such a versatile boot. 

The Derby Toe Cap Boot comes in a wax suede. And, its available in 2 colourways, the Dirty Maraca (sand colour, too you and I). We've used the wax suede for the Derby, because I think it adds characterful style to the simpler style of the Toe Cap design. The Derby Toe Cap Boot is more of relaxed style than the Brogue, perfect for creating that "smart casual" look.

The Dirty Maraca Derby Toe Cap Boot


The Dark Brown Derby Cap Toe Boot

The suede is of the highest quality, produced by Charles F Stead. Who have been producing leather & suede hide for the shoemaker industry from there site in Leeds since the 1800's. 

Charles F Stead original Tannery Factory 

Suede became de rigueur with Britain's shoe makers during the 1920's when the then Duke of Windsor, Edward ‘the best-dressed man of the 20’s’, caused a sensation by wearing his brown suede shoes with his dark blue suit.

Now, you may ask. Why chose suede for a hardwearing boot? But, don't worry.

Charles F Stead treat the suede with a special treatment which protects the hide and also makes it water resistant. And, what's more the wax suede can be buffed with a cloth, which will refresh the appearance of the hide. 

I also decided to use suede because of it aesthetic qualities. Compared to leather. Suede, has a lot more character as it ages. And, we're all about characterful style at Joe & Co. 

To create the robust appearance of the boots, I have soled them with a proper hardwearing Commando sole. The commando sole has been commissioned by Sanders and produced by the itshide company. Itshide were established in 1863. Like Sanders they too are based in Northampton. And, they have been supplying the Commando sole to the British Military since the 1940's, its also been worn by explores since the 1950's.

Vintage image of the Itshide Commando Sole

Image of the Commando Sole Unit


And for that final style accent I have added the Joe & Co signature logo to the heal of each style.

With this collaboration, I wanted to create a stylish, robust and practical boot that would look dead smart and last you a lifetime. I think we've delivered on the brief.
And to ensure they last you a lifetime and become a beloved boot. They come with a chargeable lifetime repair service, we hope you don't need this service, but if you do. Just give us a shout and we'll explain the service and get you sorted out.



  • Which company manufactures your brand in India or Vietnam?

    John Omollo
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    Would love a size 10 in these ..

    Graham Carson

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