About Us

“Joe & Co" Are specialists & garment producers of sustainable British, Italian & Japanese raw Selvedge Denim Jeans & timeless classic, modern vintage, luxury workwear from Manchester
Spun, Woven, Handcrafted & made to last in the NW of England

We are not a brand that lavishly follows fashion or chases the latest trend, we are dedicated to a tradition of the highest quality of design, attention to detail, craftsmanship, a tradition that made MANCHESTER & the North West of England famous for textile and manufacturing all over the world.

Hand crafted in the old mill towns & villages of NW England, where the quality of craftsmanship is paramount & without compromise. We work with the best UK, Japanese & Italian mills on the planet for us to produce limited edition pieces in small batches that demands the highest level of workmanship, to create superbly engineered timeless garments, that are made to last. 

Inspired by the timeless classics and the iconic looks, that distils the workwear and casual wear of Industrial Britain, by using modern shapes and utilising current & dead stock fabrics

We also pay homage to the Icons of yesteryear, that epitomise the essence of cool and create a new take on past trends. Not just in our collective history, but those of our travelling forefathers from across the pond

We are Joe & Co..... The Northern Dry Goods Company 

'Made for the few, not for the many’