The Joe & Co X Gola Colaboration

Joe & Co make Gola cool again 
I’ve been friends with the Gola guys, a friendship formed in the bars & clubs around Manchester, industry trade shows and a shared appreciation of style & quality
Following a recent conversation about the crazy times we all find ourselves in, we felt that the time was right for our brands to work together
Roy of the Rovers
As we began to discuss and explore ideas for the collaboration, it became apparent that the brands shared more in common that we had realised. Aside from our brands shared British heritage, Gola was founded in 1920 in Northampton. Now based in Lancashire and since 2000 Gola have remained fierce competitors in the industry since,which reflects Joe & Co values – classic styles, with contempary design that appeals to those who want something that little bit different than the run of the mill 
So with full access to Gola’s archives catalog including their vintage collection. It was just a case finding the right style that would provide ultimate “blank canvas” to express the styling inspiration for the collaboration
It was all about proportions, I wanted to create a design that had universal appeal. As a clothing brand to work well with everything and everyone -  jeans, chinos, utilities, shorts and so forth  – So I was looking to create a trainer, pump, sneeker, boot, whatever you want to call it with classic shapes and contemporary style, so I went for the classic iconic Hi Top along with the Springfield Jogger & the tennis pump for spring 2023
When you know, you just know -  and this was the case when I clocked a High Top trainer silhouette lurking in the Gola vaults.  Can you think of any other piece of footwear that has a more classic styling and universal appeal than the original Hi Top?
Originally invented as Basketball shoe. The most famous being the Converse All Stars or Chuck Taylor’s, named after Chuck Taylor a part time Basketball player who worked as a Salesman for Converse. Chuck recommended improving the design by adding ankle support, and from there the All Start went on to dominate the Baskeball, by 1979 they had all but disappeared from Basketball.
But during the 1970’s the coveted High Top had become coveted footwear for many subcultures like the Hippies and the choice of many a film and music icons, like Elvis & Kurt Cobain
The practical design, stylish appeal and iconic history of the High Top is what appealled to me. Gola’s Hi Top design, was based the orginal propotions of the Hi Top. So there was no need to alter or adapt the overall style. Although I wanted to add a more retro vibe and the Joe & Co signature styling and a cushioned insole
I introduced the red ankle patch on the outside along with red eyelet and the heel patch and stripped eveyrhing else to give it that point of difference to stand on its own two feet
As a child of the 60’s & 70s growing up with Gola, its quite surreal to actually to have a coloabortion with this iconic brand and honoured to be part of it
Now available on line & at Altrincham Market 

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